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Life Beyond
This has been a while in the writing.  All the writing has been happening in my head, which is why[...]
Mandalas Save the Day!
I’ve pondered for a while. What shall I write about that is profound?  I let the question rest and turned[...]
The heart knows
It is so easy to feel like you are going through the day under a big black cloud of ‘stuff’.[...]

Mandala Magic
Active meditation to create what you want for your life!

Mandala Magic

Dreams With Focus
Your Year With Intention
Bring Your Vision to Life!

The Creativity Queen Vision Board Kit

Inspirational Bible
Be Inspired Everyday to Follow Your Dreams

The Creativity Queen Inspiration Bible

Meet Rhonda

My journey into being an artist and creative facilitator began at the passing of my young brother.  I want to come to the end of MY life and still have MY masterpiece within me.   So I stepped out and began living and breathing who I am...

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