Mandalas Save the Day!

Profound Moments
I’ve pondered for a while. What shall I write about that is profound?  I let the question rest and turned to creating a mandala.  The words then started to flow.  Not exactly what I was expecting.  Here is my little story…

Life is not precise.  It doesn’t come in a beautifully wrapped package.  It’s organic.

The day before, I sat with a cuppa in hand.  Daydreaming!  Something I don’t do enough of these days.  Simply letting my eyes rest upon the view outside.

The soft rain gently falling.  Falling on all living things.  The trees, flowers, grass.  And:  yes! The weeds, yet to be pulled out.

Then a little willie wagtail landed on the wet grass beneath the tree.  His response to the soft rain was to dance around in joy as he chirped his merry song.

This got me thinking.  The most profound moments of life are found in the tiniest of moments.  It’s about attitude to life, to the little things that happen moment by moment.

Do we grumble at the inconvenience of the rain?  Or be a willie wagtail and dance in the rain (shaking our booty).

The irritations of life are like the weeds looking ugly and taking over.  We can let our ‘weeds’, our ‘irritations’ take us over or simply choose to say “I see you, I choose to remove you or not be bothered by you”.  It’s all in the attitude taken in that little moment.  Dancing instead of moaning.

Whilst on our time away I had moments.  Moments to make a choice to dance or a chance to moan. It happened in the confined space of a motel room where sport appeared magically on the TV at the time of waking moments.

What could I do in that moment?  Do I get cranky?  No!  In a flash, the headphones went on so I could hear the melodious tones of meditative music.  Paper and pencil in hand I created mandalas.

This choice in the moment, allowed me to simply be and express.  Aaaahhh! The serenity in those moments carried on throughout the day.
Here are some of the mandalas I created…
Spending time, drawing, colouring a mandala has become my ‘go to’ for peace, relaxation and centring back to self.  It’s fun.  It’s creative.  Whether you are creating a mandala or colouring in, the benefits are exactly the same.  Why?  The energy of your intention that you place in it, is embedded there for you to draw on.  But more than this, the mandala and the action of drawing it, colouring, creates answers to problems…

When you are next ‘having a moment’ you have a choice to dance or moan.
Making the choice in those little moments many times over – profoundly change your life.

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