The heart knows

Releasing the cloud of emtions

It is so easy to feel like you are going through the day under a big black cloud of ‘stuff’.  And when you are under this grey cloud – your day becomes heavy and grey.

You may even feel like you are going around under the cloud because you are beating up on yourself because…   “I didn’t….”  “I haven’t….”  “I’m not ….”  etc. etc.

Let me ask you, if you looked down on yourself under this ‘cloud’, what would you say to yourself?  I’m sure that you will be loving and kind.  Or maybe find a little bit of a laugh over it!  Take a moment to think about what you can say to yourself when feeling like this.

When you are feeling this way, or going through a stressful time – you are NOT alone.  Your heart knows what to do to heal itself. 

What gets in the way is the rush of daily life.  This leads to busy chatter in the mind.  Sometimes it feels like Miss Chatterbox is inside and never shuts up or stops for a breath.

You then try to ignore, squash down the stress, the anxiety and the horrible emotions.

NEWSFLASH!  They don’t go away!  They stay and build up to become that grey cloud over you.  If left long enough the stress and emotions can lead to illness in the body.

Oh dear!  What to do. How to get Miss Chatterbox out of the mind. Do you know?  Can you guess?
DRUMROLL – ba-dum chah!   Making art and being creative.  Are you surprised?

What better way to stop a while and just BE, focusing on the movement of your pencil or brush.

The process of making art, creating images and colour lets out the emotions, the stress and clears the chatter in the mind.  You can then make sense of what’s happening in your life.  Find a new perspective and solution.

Making art enables you to tap into your heart space.  It is here you can see and know what is needed for you to heal and move through the cloudy time.  You feel light and free again.  No more cloud, just sunshine.  The sunshine of your heart.

So next time you feel like you are under a ‘bit of a cloud’ look down on yourself in love.  Pick up the pencils and brushes and make art.

Love and happy creating

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