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Everyone is one is on their own journey.  Your journey is unique to you.  I believe we all need some inspiration at one point (or many points) in our lives.  We all have our own challenges that we face and sometimes we just need a little bit of extra encouragement to move past the tough stuff. The stories and contributions to the Inspiration Bible - the book I have recently been published in are life-changing and heart-opening.

The Inspiration Bible is a heartfelt project devoted to uplifting humanity.  From teenagers who are struggling to find themselves to adults who are challenged and the elderly who are giving up, the Inspiration Bible aims to be the much-needd beacon of hope to help people overcome their adversities and live a magnificent life.

The Inspiration Bible - the uplifting book for humanity has a philanthropic aspect to it...

For every copy of the book tat is purchased, a second copy is given away to someone in need of inspiration!  This means whenever someone orders the book, they receive not one but two copies - one for themselves and one to give away to someone they care for - and the power of inspiration is doubled!

Please place your order ONLY $30 per book.  I will donate 1 book to someone needing inspiration or you can choose to have the 2nd book to pass on to help encourage someone else.​

Be Inspired! Be encouraged!  Follow your dreams!

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