Mandala Magic

Experience the Power and Magic of the Mandala and become fully connected to all parts of you...

Saturday 12th August or Monday 14th August 9:30am to 12:30pm, The Creative Studio, Wishart

EARLY BIRD PRICE... ends 6th August

Mandalas are a powerful piece of artwork that has been used by many for thousands of years for calming, healing and manifesting.

You are a full spectrum of colour. The colours of being a…

o Business woman

o Mother

o Helper in the community

o Friend

o Lover

o Creative

o Or any other that is you

You are a beautiful complete person of full colour when you are fully connected to all parts of you. The heart and soul of you, the person you were born to be. (Often forgotten in the blur of the busy activity of daily life)

When you are fully connected to all parts of YOU, you live more vibrantly and live life to the fullest and...

· Stand firm in your strength and courage

· Be your own light and shine your light for others

· Attract your desires and dreams

· Unleash your creativity (a favourite of mine)

Mandalas are a great space to allow this to manifest.

By colouring or creating a mandala, a sacred circle, you can circle back to you. The full spectrum of colour that is YOU - the fullness of being you.

Live and be all of you

Experience for yourself at the Mandala Magic workshop and colour in or create your own mandala…

Here's what others say...

“my artisticness that I lost has returned by being able to colour a mandala”

“it teaches you to be still and let it flow”

“brings insights to what’s happening in my world”

“so insightful, meditative and inspirational”

Book Your Place NOW so you can enjoy colouring or creating your own Mandala

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You will feel inspired and energized with taking time for you to relax, have fun and colour in 

Create what you desire with the focus and energy of your intention for your Mandala

A $97 Investment in you and your business

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Saturday 3rd June|    9:30 am to 12:30pm    (everything included)

or Monday 5th June 9:30am to 12:30pm

Held at 4 Lonsdale Place, Wishart

You've re-introduced me to the world of scribbling, colouring in and imagination, a world I had no idea still existed. I just love the time I spend with you because it allows me time and space to play outside of my usual headspace. When I go back to my work afterwards, I feel refreshed and ready to go again. It's like I've allowed myself to remember that I love doing what I do. Thank you Rhonda, you are a truly gifted spirit with such a lot to give.

Valerie O'Neill