Dreams With Focus

Create Your Exciting Year with Intention

  • Are you wanting to create a vision board that excites you?
  • Are you wanting a vision board that says what you really want in life?
  • Are you yearning for more creativity and fun in your life?
  • Are you ready to do something different?

Dreams With Focus - Your Year With Intention is a creative fold out booklet that is a convenient size to keep with you .

It allows you to keep your FOCUS on how you want to feel and then you can let the Universe fill in the blanks

What you FOCUS on GROWS!

DREAMS WITH FOCUS is not a passive tool - it is designed to constantly remind you of what it is you want!

In the kit you will have:

  • Dreams With Focus booklet showing how to set up your vision board
  • Coaching questions to help you gain more clarity

"Our intention creates our reality" ~ Wayne Dyer

Order Your Dreams With Focus Kit

$35.00 plus $5.95 postage

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$5 for every kit sold will be donated to Rizeup help end Domestic Violence