Lift the Lid on Limitations  

The 5 Elements of Creativity Linking you to an Authentic Life & Business

Building and running a business  is exciting and challenging.  Often the journey to success is not what you had pictured in your mind.  It is basically going around, up and down and everything in between to achieving your success.

You might be doing all the right things.  Still it is not happening for you.  You feel at a loss and don't know what you can do to turn this around.

Lift the Lid on Limitations allows you to...

It is the limitations you place on yourself, whether you are aware of them or not, that keep you in a holding pattern.

At Lift the Lid on Limitations you will be exploring...

  • ​get clarity on where you want to go
  • release limiting beliefs that keep you from living your best life
  • reveal your unique place in the world
  • create a visual plan to keep you moving forward

Discover the 5 Elements of Creativity Linking you to an Authentic Life and Business

  • Recognise where you want to go & what's really holding you back
  • Release stress, negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Reveal your unique gifts to share with the world
  •  Expand and explore limitless possibilities and opportunities
  • Create a visual business plan

How Lift the Lid on Limitations will benefit you...

Feel the joy and freedom of...

  • Clarity.  Clarity is critical in knowing what's happening or not happening for you and your business
  • Releasing the limiting beliefs, stress and negative emotions holding you back
  • Knowing your true value, the essence of who you are
  • Being confident and empowered so you can attract the right opportunities for you

Tuesday 25th October   |  9:45am for a 10:00am start and finish 3:00pm

Saturday 29th October​   |  9:45am for a 10:00am start and finish 3:00pm

Held at The Creative Studio, 4 Lonsdale Place, Wishart​

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You will feel inspired and empowered knowing who you are without the limitations.  You will have this powerful tool to use at any time.

A $127 Investment in you and your business

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Prior to doing ‘Lift the Lid on Limitations' I was feeling stuck and frustrated regarding the next direction in my business and was avoiding working on it. I have always enjoyed working with Rhonda and was still unprepared for the transformation that she facilitated for me during this workshop. I was able to clearly identify where I was stuck, release these blocks and move on to explore what I want to create in my business. I also have a clear plan on how to build the bridge to bring my unique gifts of being Loving, Joyful & Inspiring out to the world. I loved the combination of left and right brain exercises; answering comprehensive questions and then being guided through meditations to access my inner essence and then bring this forward through the use of art and creativity. Rhonda has a real gift for supporting and guiding you through the powerful process of using creativity to access your gifts and your truth. Jenny Bush, Social Marketer