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We are all creative and somehow that part of you becomes lost or forgotten amongst all the things you need to do.  You have become so focused wanting and trying to be everything to everyone that part of you becomes forgotten.  

To help you  tap into and re-connect with your creativity, it's lovely to have someone beside you to guide you. Someone to encourage you to unleash all that is possible for you.  Reveal the unique expression that is you and awaken your magnificence so you can create and live your masterpiece.​

A good place to begin is to release the stress and overwhelm that is surrounding you at the moment.  It is this busy mind and busy life that actually keeps you locked 'inside the box'.  No wonder new and exciting things aren't happening for you.  Click here to begin your journey

​Mandala Magic is all about you relaxing, having fun and colouring and creating your Mandala Magic for to manifest your desires.  Click here to find out more

When you are in business often the frustration and struggle comes from your limiting beliefs, 'I'm not good enough' thinking. Art and creativity is a great way that goes beyond words to uncover the truth of what is holding you back.  Also it is very powerful to create a new story through imagery.  Click here to find out more

"I met Rhonda at a meet up and listened to her presentation. She presented it with such authenticity and heart filled way, that I'd decided to book in for a free 1/2 session with her. I didn't have much expectation to what will happen during the session, I just knew that I love drawing and painting, so why not. She facilitated the session with such grace and ease, I felt myself dropped into layers of what seemed to be an innocent scribble, into a dark spiral. I felt the grief coming out gripping me....I wanted to cry. Rhonda knew what I needed to resolve that dark spiral. I finished the session with a love heart filled with a growing tree inside, with a much colourful ending, I made a collage filled with pictures and meanings as well. I felt giddy in my head afterwards, something shifted inside of me. Thank you Rhonda, you are an angel".

Jan Pitman