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This has been a while in the writing.  All the writing has been happening in my head, which is why you haven’t received anything from me in a long while.  I needed time for it all to settle in.

Why is it so tough to tell?

What I want to say will bare my soul. Letting you see inside, below the surface to expose the ‘yuck’ stuff.  Letting people see that things are ‘not so perfect’ in my world.  As I write this, I become aware that I still like to put on a mask, a soft and gentle mask that’s barely there.  The solid, unmovable mask of old has gone.  This writing will lift the soft mask.  Scary. Tears fill my eyes.

This is why it’s taken a while.  Being vulnerable.  Something that’s easy for me, sitting down and having a cuppa and a chat with an intimate friend – but this is bigger and wants to be said in public.

Why Now?

Events in my life and conversations had led me to know that ‘It’s Time’.  

It all began earlier this year, though it had been building up for sometime.  The energies of it didn’t want to be rushed.  For once I haven’t been like a bull (bulless, goddess) at a gate.  

I feel blessed and grateful for the traumas and challenges I’ve experienced in my life. They have made me into who I am.  

It is with strength and courage I now move forward to helping women who have left domestic violence or abusive relationships.  This has been my story.

Being Unbreakable is born –

TaDah!  I’m stepping forward being perfectly imperfect.  Since making this decision,  layers of past hurt lifted, ready to be released and healed.

The Creativity Queen will remain as the phoenix that rose Rhonda:  the person who lay quiet and unexpressed for way too long.

What Happened?

I’ll share, from my journal, a small part of that journey how I used drawing therapy to heal my wounds and give me the strength to continue – and now reach out to help others.  …

“Looking at you there, crushed in that cruel hand!

I who I am today – see you.

You are not diminished.  You are not you in that form.  Being small was your survival whilst being held so tight. –  a possession to be kept in the grip of fear.  

I see myself held tight, and yet there are bits of me staying strong, and formed.

I see a symbol in that hand; the hand of control that said:  “let me crush you into my way” – That hand is now a symbol of strength as I look at it.”  

From the hand that crushed me came strength


“The hand that crushed me has opened my hands, revealing the new me; a light, a fire to the world.  A fire with the gift to transform the souls who are shattered, crushed and hurting from abusive relationships – to rise up, be strong, courageous.   To open up to their magnificence, live their Masterpiece and bring beauty, love and change to the world.”


When you heal the scars, your life will change in the most amazing ways.  I have experienced first hand the power of healing through art and the changes within me have been phenomenal.

Violence not only happens to you. It also affects and happens to your children.  This in turn impacts the choices they make in life.  I now know that when you heal the scars born of domestic violence, your children also begin to heal.  This is how to stop the cycle of domestic violence.  One person, one change at a time.

So now my new journey begins, as I reach out to those women who have taken the first steps to rebuild their lives. The next steps are hard as they are struggling to move forward and find that they are always slipping back into old ways of reacting to what happens in life.

I reach out to them and offer them the simple but powerful tools of colours and paper and my support.

Whether you have experienced the aftermath of domestic violence and would like healing support or know someone who currently is, or would like healing yourself, please contact me and join me on this journey… 

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