The 6 Keys to Healing Your Heart

... creativity heals the Soul

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Everything in life is connected and life imitates art. Everyone starts with a blank canvas. On that canvas some brush strokes are just right. Some may be less than perfect. It’s all about how you feel and what you do with the ‘less than perfect’ brushstrokes.

It’s these brushstrokes in life that aren’t so perfect, are often the ones you focus on. It’s focusing on the right brushstrokes that bring joy and meaning into your life and career path. This is why I started the Clarity With Creativity Package.

Your life is YOUR MASTERPIECE. Instead of staying stuck and frustrated with what’s happening…

  • get in touch with your Inner Child again. She wants to come out and play with you in creating beautiful brushstrokes on your canvas.

The Clarity with Creativity Package is all about playing and having fun in the creative space. It is about connecting through playing with crayons, paints, pencils, scissors and glue – whatever feels right for you. Even those who think they’re not creative find that they can happily and easily enjoy the process with amazing outcomes.

The sessions allow you to go back to SIMPLICITY, the transparency of ‘what is’.

During this time you will…

  • get back to the CORE of who YOU are. The REAL YOU as when you were born. The YOU before the programming of the world told you who you should be. It is from here you can ease away the conflict within that comes from trying to be who you aren’t.

In the process of creating images you are able to express what words can’t. It’s with these insights you are able to…

  • move forward from focusing on what you don’t want to what it is you DO want. And do so with INTENTION and ATTENTION.

It will be like adding new brushstrokes to your canvas. You can do so with certainty instead of aimlessly moving through life, wishing and hoping you will achieve your desires.

The creative space allows…

· your scattered thoughts and energy to be gathered. Your mind becomes calmer and clearer. This enables you to find new ways of doing things, new ideas to come forward.

It is from this space of peace and certainty you are able to plan and move forward with new knowledge. Planning is invaluable as all dreams need a plan to follow to keep you on track.

Whether it is what you desire in life or your career path – it’s all about the brushstrokes. It’s about the ‘not so perfect’ brushstrokes. These strokes can easily be transformed into beauty using the new found clarity you have.

Re-connect to your AUTHENTICITY within and BOLDLY place your brushstrokes on your canvas of life.

If you are considering committing to how a Clarity With Creativity Package may bring joy and certainty to your life and career path you are invited to sample a Taster with a 45 minutes Creative Focus Session for an investment of $75.

If you love the results of your Creative Focus Session and book for the Clarity With Creativity Package this $75 will be deducted from your total investment

Book Your Place NOW so you can start You & Me working together to create clarity and certainty with your brushstrokes of life

You will feel inspired and empowered knowing who you are. The Real You before the world told you who you should be! 

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When I began the sessions with Rhonda my head was full of gremlin voices that were incessant. The loudest was “Oh God, you’re useless”. It didn’t matter what I did, each morning I would wake up feeling depressed.

I no longer feel that way. The art processes of me drawing and letting it happen with no idea where it came from was incredible.

One drawing was a symbol to represent the essence of who I am. It is a tree of strength showing I can be strong and caring because I’m sheltering people under my canopy and leaves flying out to whoever needs them. This symbol is powerful for me and I love it!

The things I worried about before I’ve been able to let go and I’m now experiencing life completely different now. My approach to life is different and I’ve opened up pathways to move forward.

Rhonda guiding with the right questions is gold. This made such a difference. I no longer feel like I’m in the black forest ghetto. Layers have fallen away and now I can go through into the light.

Denise Condon

During the Clarity With Creativity session I was looking at an anger issue that keeps recycling for me and holding me back. During the creative process an underlying layer was revealed. The angry childhood pain of being crushed and the feelings of no value and fear of intimacy has been part of me for too long.

It was such a feeling of freedom releasing with an explosion of creative energy allowing me to release this pain, this story and reconnect with my heart, the joy and the part of who I am, which is ‘child’s play’.

The vision of what’s possible for me is powerful. The process enabled me to earth the vision, it now feels possible, no longer a dream of what could be. Before it was a question, now I know how it’s possible to make it happen

Louise Geary

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John Doe
UI/UX Designer